Yelp Regularly and Erroneously Filters Real, Legitimate Reviews from Our Patients and Clients. Read the Reviews of Urban Optiques that Yelp Won’t Show You.

Deep down inside, we really do love Yelp at Urban OptiquesThink Yelp Is Showing You All Reviews? Not!

It’s such a great concept:  Allow people to write reviews and share their experiences at local businesses with the rest of the world. We’ve used Yelp reviews repeatedly ourselves over the years to choose everything from salons to restaurants, and not just here in Metro-Detroit, but in cities all across the country.

But over the past year, Yelp has lost its way.

And if you are a business owner or occasional “Yelper” (the term for people who write reviews on Yelp), Yelp has demonstrated that your opinion doesn’t really matter much.

We’ll set aside the allegations (and pending lawsuit) that claims Yelp “extorts” small businesses for money to remediate negative reviews. We just don’t know enough about the details of this to know if this is true or not.

But we do know that Yelp is regularly filtering real, legitimate reviews of businesses and not publishing them to a businesses Yelp profile. We know this because right now there are four of our client’s reviews that are not being shown with our listing.

Yelp: It’s Not Our Fault! It’s the Machine That Does It All!

Why does Yelp do this?

Well, they claim that they have developed an algorithm that can sort out real reviews from fake ones.


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