When You Deliver The Millionth Closed Loan, Your Shades Better Match The Mission! Check Out the Sunglasses from Urban Optiques Featured in Quicken Loan’s “The Millionth Loan” Movie …

Yesterday, Detroit-based national mortgage company Quicken Loans announced their millionth closed loan with a letter on their homepage (written in Comic Sans, no less) from founder and Chairman Dan Gilbert, a full-page ad in USA TODAY and a truly entertaining “mini-movie” about the guy who is put “in charge” of watching for the “millionth loan.”

Urban Optiques provided the sunglasses that appear on the two “men in black” in the elevator, the guys charged with making sure the millionth loan arrives safely to its destination.

Sunglasses from Urban Optiques featured in Quicken Loans

The featured sunglasses are the Badgley Mischka Charles and the Prada PR65HS.  Both are rectangle-shaped aviators. Great choices to get that FBI/Secret Service/Private Security dude look.


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Check Out Jamie in Her New Special Edition Badgley Mischka Boyd Sunglasses!

Yes, people really do win those giveaway contests.

Just ask Jamie Henderson of Detroit, who scored herself a pair of super-lux Special Edition Badgley Mischka “Boyd” suns with 18K white gold lenses from Urban Optiques as part of September’s 944 Detroit Swag giveway.

Check out some pics we snapped of Jamie in her new shades.  Love ’em on you Jamie! Congrats!

Jamie Henderson in Her New Badgley Mischka Special Edition Sunglasses

Badgley Mischka Special Edition Boyd Sunglasses with 18K White Gold Couture Lenses

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CrowdRise, ALS Michigan and Quicken Loans are out to raise $70,000 dollars in just seven days using Facebook, Twitter and Social Media. Urban Optiques is Donating His and Her Tom Ford Sunglasses to the Top Fundraiser!

In Downtown Detroit right now, there is an entire group of passionate, dedicated people on a mission: Help whip ALS.

They are out mining their FacebookTweet for ALS: Raising $70,000 Dollars in Seven Days for ALS Research networks, reaching out to bloggers, Tweeting like crazy, throwing in not only their own dollars, but also their precious time all to hit a very lofty and aggressive goal: Raise $70,000 dollars in just seven days for ALS Research and do it all via small, $10 donations from people on Twitter, Facebook and a social fundraising website called “CrowdRise.”

ALS — Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, often referred to as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease,” is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. The mind stays sharp, but the body literally withers away making the person a virtual prisoner in their own body. The disease is fatal and has no cure. And it typically claims the persons life within 2-3 years.

The Tweet for ALS Team at Quicken Loans put together a video explaining ALS and what they are trying to do this week on YouTube. Take a just a few minutes to watch it:

How You Can Help?

Urban Optiques has joined the “Tweet for ALS” Cause this week because as one of the lesser known diseases out there, ALS simply doesn’t get the type of attention or fundraising dollars that other big (but equally important) causes like breast cancer receive.  But for anyone who has known someone who has battled ALS or understands the awful, debilitating and lethal toll this disease takes on its victims, it deserves our attention and dollars.

We also have lots of patients and clients from Quicken Loans, so we like supporting the causes that our clients support.

Finally we like that “Tweet for ALS” is trying to make a statement about the power of social networks to do good. The goal of the seven day fund-raising campaign is to raise $70,000 dollars in a very short period of time not through giant corporate donations, but a series of small, affordable $10 donations from average people.

When you think about it, this should be easy to do:  The average Facebook user has 130 friends, so if just 500 people were able to get a mere six $10 dollar donations from their friends, Tweet for ALS would have already met nearly half of their goal. If each of those six people who donated were able to get six more donations of $10 dollars themselves, we’d be at $60,000 dollars almost overnight.

You can donate by joining the Urban Optiques Tweet for ALS Team on http://www.crowdrise.com/tweetforals/fundraiser/urbanoptiques

Upping the Ante: Free His and Her Tom Ford Sunglasses for the Top Fundraiser!

To help the fundraising effort, Urban Optiques is giving away a pair of his and hers Tom Ford sunglasses with a retail value of nearly $1,000 dollars to the top fundraiser on the Urban Optiques “Tweet for ALS” Team on CrowdRise. We’ll award the sunglasses to the person who has raised the most money as of midnight, Thursday September 23.

To sign up and start raising money and qualify for the prize, just go here: http://www.crowdrise.com/tweetforals/fundraiser/urbanoptiques

It literally takes less than 60 seconds to sign-up and Crowdrise makes it easy for you to share and reach out to your Facebook friends and Twitter followers.  Our goal for the Urban Optiques team is to raise $1,000 dollars in the next 48 hours.  So let’s get started!

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This month’s 944 Detroit Swag Giveaway Features a Amazing Pair of Special Edition Badgley Mischka Boyd Sunglasses from Urban Optiques.  Enter Now for Your Chance to Win Them!

Okay, summer is pretty much over, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be plenty of sun-filled mornings and afternoonsThe Badgley Mischka Special Edition ahead of you requiring a great pair of shades.

In celebration of the Fall fashion season, 944 Detroit and Urban Optiques are giving away another fab pair of couture sunglasses:  This time a pair of  Special Edition Badgley Mischka Boyd acetate aviators  with 18K white gold couture lenses valued at $780 dollars.

A unisex sunglass, the Boyd has been spotted on everyone from Brad Pitt to singer Kelly Rowland to models Heidi Klum and Alessandra Ambrosio.  While the Boyd is celeb favorite, no one has yet been seen in the Special Edition version of the Boyd we are giving away this month.  So if you win the Boyd, you’ll be setting the trend here.

How Do I Enter to Win?944 Detroit Magazine

Entering for a chance to win these lux sunglasses from Badgley Mischka Eyewear, Urban Optiques and 944 Detroit is easy: Just click over to the 944 Detroit Swag page and fill out the short registration form (it’s only a couple of fields.)  Not only will you be entered in the sunglass giveaway, but you’ll also have a chance at winning a print by emerging local artist Mark Sarmel.

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Enter To Win One of Ten $2,500 “Gear Up Grants” from Urban Optiques Contact Lens Partner CooperVision!

As any parent knows, equipment — whether for team athletics, individual sports or even music — is expensive.  And inCooperVision tougher economic times, it can be harder than ever to outfit a team or child with the necessary gear to participate.

So when our contact lens rep from CooperVision stopped by this week and told us about a new grant program CooperVision is sponsoring as part of their “Life is a Contact Sport” initiative, we were instantly on-board with promoting it — especially since we know that so many of our clients have children who participate in athletics, group sports and band.

How It Works

Here’s how it works:  CooperVision’s “Life is a Contact Sport” program will award ten $2,500 dollar “Gear Up Grants” to help winning teams, individual athletes/performers or communities “gear up” this season. The winners decide what gear they need.

To enter, all you have to do is have your teen register and submit their story in video or a series of photos on the CooperVision “Life is a Contact Sport” Gear Up Grant website. The subject of the story should be why your teen, their team, or the community should win a Gear Up Grant and what they would do with the money if they win.

Entries have to be submitted by September 30, 2010 and judging to choose the top 30 finalists takes place in early October.  The finalists will then be posted to the “Life is A Contact Sport” website on October 18th, and visitors to the site will then get to vote on who they think should win the 10 grants.

Winners will be announced in early December.

What’s especially cool about this promotion is that CooperVision made it very inclusive: The Gear Up Grants don’t just apply to athletics — but other activities such as music or dance. So if you need to outfit your child or community band with instruments, you can apply for the grant as well.

Bonus! Prescription Sports Eyewear

Plus, any team member or performer who wears contact lenses or glasses will also be outfitted with CooperVision contact lenses for a full year. Submitting your story is a snap – just visit the CooperVision website to enter.

We’d love to see one of our patients win one of these 10 grants. Time is running on out this grant cycle so if you’re ready to Gear Up, get moving with your story!

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