Reading Glasses

Reading Glasses

Having problems reading small text, the newspaper or even your cell phone?

You may need reading glasses.

Depending on your age, you'll likely either have hyperopia or presbyopia. Both of these conditions are commonly called "farsightedness" -- or the ability to focus on objects far away, while nearby objects are blurry.

The good news is that in either case, we can help you see with a pair of reading glasses from Urban Optiques.

Urban Optiques provides reading glasses for both children and adults -- in a wide range of fashionable, designer frames -- and we can fit your readers with the perfect prescription to help you see again.  If you are having difficulties seeing both near objects and far-away, we also have the latest in no-line bifocals and progressive lenses.

What Is "Farsightedness"?

Man in Reading Glasses Reading Book

Farsightedness is the ability to see objects that are far away clearly, but nearby objects are blurry.

There are two forms of farsightedness: One is genetic and the other is age-releated.

Hyperopia is a genetic condition that typically runs in families and can be present from birth.

Hyperopia usually involves an eye that is too short or a cornea that is too flat, so that images focus at a point behind the retina. People with hyperopia can usually see distant objects well, but have trouble focusing on nearby objects.

Hyperopia -- especially in children -- will often resolve itself with age, although vision correction is critical in the meantime.

Presbyopia, on the other hand, is caused by the natural aging process.  All adults over 40 will eventually develop presbyopia and require reading glasses. It's just one of those inconvenient, little facts of life.

Signs That You May Need Reading Glasses

Blurry Text Requiring Reading Glasses

Nearby objects appear blurry
Blurriness of text while reading is often one of the first signs that you may need reading glasses.

Girl Squinting While Reading

If you find yourself squinting when reading or looking at nearby objects you may need reading glasses.

Eye Fatigue is a Sign You May Need Reading Glasses

Eye Fatigue and/or Headaches
You experience discomfort, eye strain or headaches after long periods close tasks like reading, writing or drawing.

Custom Reading Glasses vs. Ready Made "Readers": What's Better?

Cheap Reading Glasses Are No Substitute for Custom Reading Glasses

While it may be tempting to pick up a pair of inexpensive "ready-made readers" at the local pharmacy or department store when your close-up vision begins to suffer, there are some very good reasons for not going the "ready-made" route.

First, ready-made frames are one-size fits all.

While you can choose from different powers, the prescription is the same in both lenses and the location of the optical center is not customized to you.  Since very few people have the same prescription in both eyes, and because most people have some level of astigmatism, the vision correction in a pair of ready-made reading glasses will often be sub-optimal. This can actually cause more eye discomfort, versus fixing it.

Second, many people confuse computer glasses with reading glasses.

People often buy reading glasses to improve their vision at the computer, but computer lenses adjust for the intermediate zone of vision, while reading glasses correct for up-close.  If you are having problems seeing at the computer, you likely need computer glasses, not reading glasses.

Finally, people often purchase ready-made reading glasses for convenience and to avoid having an eye exam.

Achieving a precise perscription requires a thorough eye exam, and regular eye exams are critical for the early identification of  possible vision problems or disease.  While the need for reading glasses is often just a matter of the natural aging process, it can also be the sign of a more serious problem with your eyes -- for instance glaucoma.

Only a comprehensive eye exam from a licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist will catch the early warning signs of more serious issues. So if you're experiencing changes in up-close vision, schedule an eye exam to be on the safe side.

It only takes about 30 minutes and we'll fit you in on your schedule, not ours.

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