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The Sama Difference: Technology, Innovation and Luxury Materials

Sama Eyewear represents the melding of style with cutting edge technology and the latest innovations in optical design and manufacturing. The result is eyewear with exceptional fit and finish that you can feel the moment you pick them up or try them on.

To achieve this level of quality, Sama combines the lastest in metal and plastic frame manufacturing technology with Sama SLP Lens technology to produce some of the highest quality, premium eyewear available.

Sama Metal Frame Technology

- Sama utilizes laser or hydraulic press cutting, depending on the frame shape, to create pure titanium or beta-titanium one-piece fronts. The result is seamless, jewelry-grade frame components.

- Frames are designed using advanced computer-aided-design systems and state-of-the-art computer assisted machining laser cutting to create sophisticated three dimensional frames

- Lasers ensure production consistency and create perfectly shaped rims that maintain their form.

- 100% Pure Titanium:  100% pure titanium (which is technically difficult to work with) is frequently utilized by Sama because it is stronger than steel, lighter than aluminum and hypo-allergenic.

Metal Plating Technology

- High Quality Plating: All Sama plating is at 507 microns thick to insure rich, lasting color and wearability

- 100% Nickle-Free Plating protects those with allergies or sensitive skin

- Sama also utilizes a number of innovative plating and coating technologies, including a proprietary rice paper plating that creates a unique, nickel-free finish and a specialized nickel-free rubber coating that can be applied to metal to create a soft, sporty look and feel.

Plastic Frame Technology

- Japanese Zyl Acetate: Sama uses only Japanese zyl acetate, the world's finest plastic.

- Custom Laminations: Sama originates and utilizes exclusive zyl colors and creations additional custom colors by laminating as many as five different layers of zyl.

- Block Production: Sama co-developed this innovative manufacturing technique that begins with large "blocks" of multi-colored zyl instead of more conventional plastic sheets. These blocks are then cut using lasers to create perfect sheets. The resulting zyl sheets are used to create multi-dimensional marbled effects that introduce a new level of luxury to plastic eyewear and retain their shape far longer than plastic created with traditional methods.

- Wood Vaneers: Sama developed a revolutionary technique allowing for the lamination of wood vaneers of different grains and colors over plastic. The resulting frame has the look and feel of wood with the adjustibility of plastic temples or wire cores.

- Hand Painting: Sama utilizes a labor-intensive hand-painting process whereby color is sprayed over successive stencils and then permanently sealed with a clear plastic layer.

Decorative Embellishments

- Cast Sterling Silver and Titanium: .925 jewelry grade Sterling silver and 100% pure titanium areSama Eyewear Materials - Gem Crystal Temple Detail used to cast decorative frame embellishments in the same manner as fine jewelry.

-Genuine Leather: Sama uses genuine, fashion-grade leather inserts that are applied in milled recesses using glue and rivets to esnure style and durability

- Eco-Harvested Reptile:  Sama also utilizes eco-harvested python, boa and cobra inserts set into temples on select couture pieces.

Sama SLP Lenses

Sama SLP lenses are the world's finest and offer unparalleled performance and style. Sama offers it's world-famous Sama SLP technology in three types of lenses.

Polarized Glass:

-Ultra-thin for extreme light weight

- Comprehensive UVA and UVB protection

- Anti-reflective coatings reduce glare by 99.99%, enhance visual acuity and promote eye health.

- Oliophobic coatings repel oil, dust, sweat and water

- "Breath activated" SLP or Sama logo on lens guarantees authenticity.

Photochromic Glass Lenses:

- Ultra-thin for extreme light weight

- Comprehensive UVA and AVB protection

- UV-sensitive light adjusting lenses provide for the ultimate vision in changing light conditions

- Anti-reflective coatings help reduce glare by 99.99%, enhance visual acuity, and protect the eyes

- Oliophobic coatings repel oil, dust, sweat and water

- "Breath activated" SLP or Sama logo on lens guarantees authenticity.

Polarized CR-39 Single and Double Gradient Lenses:

- Single and double gradients available in exclusive fashion colors

- Glare reduction of 98% enhances visual acuity and promotes eye health

- Available in 6 and 8 base curves

- Laser inscribed SLP logo on lens guarantees authenticity

Sama Special Edition Genuine Gold Coated Couture Lenses

- Select Sama Eyewear models are also available with custom gold-plated couture lenses in 28K, 24K and 18K white or yellow gold.

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