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    Sama Couture Eyewear, Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

    SAMA Couture Eyewear and Sunglass Collection

    Sama Sunglass Collection

    Sama Sunglass Collection

    Sama Eyeglass Collection

    Sama Eyeglass Collection

    Sama Heart of Gold Special Edition Sunglasses

    Sama Heart of Gold Special Edition

    Sama Couture Eyewear: Redefining Luxury Fashion Eyewear

    - Exclusive luxury couture sunglasses and eyeglasses from Sama that represent the ultimate statement of individuality and style

    - The Sama Couture Eyewear Collection combines founder and legendary eyewear designer Sheila Vance's ever-evolving sense of style with the finest materials and revolutionary production techniques.

    - Each piece of Sama Eyewear is manufactured, assembled and finished by hand, producing an unparalleled level of fit and finish.

    - The preferred eyewear of celebrities and fashionistas worldwide, Sama offers more than 100 distinctive eyeglass and sunglass designs that are constantly evolving with current fashion trends and advancements in optical technology.

    - Featured in such blockbuster films as Mission: Impossible III, and Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Sama Eyewear’s collections are favorites of countless superstars, including Tom Cruise, Reese Witherspoon, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Jay Z, Jessica Alba, Lebron James, Elton John and Cher.

    - Sama Eyewear is available in four distinct collections: Sama Couture, Incognito, Sahara, and Pyramid of Diamonds.

    - Customized couture lenses -- including 18K, 24K and 28K gold lenses available on select models.

    - The Sama Eyewear Collection includes a wide-range of designs to match your individual sense of style. From hip and modern, to retro and vintage-inspired, to sophisticated and understated, Sama eyewear truly lets you see and be seen in eyewear that you simply won't find anywhere other than at Urban Optiques.

    - Sama Eyewear is only available at a small number of select, exclusive optical boutiques worldwide, as well as at its Destination: Sama boutiques in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Rome.

    Urban Optiques is one of only two Michigan optical boutiques to carry this exclusive collection.

    by: Sama of Los Angeles

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