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Features :

- Chic, hand-crafted eyewear from the late, legendary Japanese fashion designer Mitsuhiro Matsuda
- Marked by impeccable attention to detail, design and materials, Matsuda eyewear and fashion is highly collectible
- No longer distributed in the United States, Matsuda's eyewear -- especially Matsuda's trail-blazing sunglasses -- have achieved cult status and are highly sought-after.
- Urban Optiques offers more than 20 different Matsuda models, in both sunglasses and optical frames.

By: Matsuda (Mitsuhiro Matsuda) -- Formerly licensed and distributed by Optical Shop of Aspen (OSA)

Who Is Matsuda Eyewear For? Men and women who appreciate fine, Japanese craftsmanship in an eyewear line that has stood the test of time. If you've previously owned a pair of Matsuda eyeglasses or sunglasses, you'll know why these frames continue to engender so much loyalty among Matsuda eyewear fans.

Matsuda Eyewear Profile: Long before the fashion houses of Paris, New York and Milan entered the designer eyewear and accessories market, there was Matsuda. For nearly three decades, the "Matsuda" name was synonymous with artisan, luxury eyewear and sunglasses.

One of the first luxury eyewear brands to be licensed and distributed by the legendary Optical Shop of Aspen (OSA), Matsuda eyewear was one of OSA's early flagship brands and top-sellers through the late 1980s and 1990s.

Matsuda Today: Highly Collectible

The buzz around Matsuda eyewear was only enhanced when a pair of Matsuda 2809 sunglasses (actually goggles) made an appearance on Linda Hamilton in the 1991 blockbuster "Terminator 2."  Today, the Matsuda 2809 sunglasses from "Terminator 2" can fetch up to $1,000 dollars on the vintage market.

Many eyewear connoisseurs consider Matsuda to be one of the most influential eyewear designers in history, and his frames and sunglasses continue attract a loyal following.

Optical Shop of Aspen no longer distributes Matsuda eyewear, so devotees of these exceptional frames and sunglasses in the U.S. have been left high-and-dry without a source for this fantastic eyewear.  Mitshiro Matsuda passed away in 2008, leaving the future of the Matsuda line hazy and making these beautiful, artsy frames even more rare and desirable.

Get Rare Matsuda Eyewear at Urban Optiques

Urban Optiques is one of a handful of optical boutiques nationwide who still have new Matsuda stock (and we continue to seek it out from vintage eyewear distributors.)  Because Matsuda is no longer distributed in the United States, we are able to offer new and vintage Matsuda eyewear for sale online without any licensing conflicts.

Because these frames are so unique and may require special handling (and are no longer under manufacturer's warranty), we recommend that you allow the optical experts at Urban Optiques to fit your prescription lenses for the Matsuda eyewear.

We will work with your existing eye doctor to take your prescription and precisely match it with the highest quality lenses for your Matsudas.

For details, please contact us at or call us at 248-347-9090.

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