Sarah Palin’s Glasses by Kazuo Kawasaki Available Exclusively @ Urban Optiques

Let's set politics aside for a minute: There is a reason that people love to talk about Sarah Palin's Kawasaki eyeglasses: They simply look fabulous on her.

While Sarah Palin actually owns several pairs of Kawasaki rimless frames (including one in a oval shape), the eyeglass that she made famous is the Kawasaki 704 Series frame with gray temples (color code 24) custom-fitted with the SP-51 rectangle lens. The frame itself is beta-titanium and the eyeglasses are extremely light-weight.

We offer Sarah Palin's 704 frame and lens configuration at Urban Optiques as part of our rimless eyewear collection, and can customize the 704 both for frame color, lens shape and lens tints and coatings.

While cheap, low-quality, knock-off versions of Sarah Palin's famous Kawasaki 704 model eyeglasses can be found at discount eyeglass shops and optical chains, to be fitted with the authentic, high-quality Kawasaki eyeglasses that Sarah Palin wears means you'll need to need to work with an authorized Kazuo Kawasaki retailer like Urban Optiques.

We're one of the few optical boutiques in Metro-Detroit that carry the Kawasaki eyewear line, including the 704 Series frame and lens shape that made Sarah Palin nearly as famous for her choice in eyeglasses, as for her political aspirations.

Aside from style, there is good reason that Sarah Palin chose the Kawasaki rimless frames: They are highly-customizable to each person's face and personal preferences. Kawasaki rimless eyewear is also especially well-suited to clients in progressive lenses, because the lens can be perfectly sized to your individual prescription and preferences.

For more Information on the Sarah Palin Kawasaki 704 eyeglass at Urban Optiques (or other rimless eyewear options from Kawasaki), call us at 248-347-9090 for an appointment or email us at

Learn More About Sarah Palin's Kawasaki 704 Series Eyeglasses at Urban Optiques

The Kawasaki 704 Series "Sarah Palin" Glasses

The Kawasaki 704 Series rimless eyeglass frame popularized by Sarah Palin is available at Urban Optiques in more than 31 different frame colors and finishes, as well as nearly 200 different lens shapes for the ultimate in personalized, custom-fitted rimless designer eyewear.  >>> Learn more about the options you have with the Kawasaki 704.

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When you think of Sarah Palin, it's hard not to think of her trademark Kawasaki rimless eyeglasses. More than two years after her run for the White House, her distinctive and stylish eyeglass frames continue to be a Best Seller at Urban Optiques, especially among women who are looking for a sophisticated eyeglass that is never too heavy on the face.   >>> Browse the gallery of pictures of Sarah Palin seen in her Kawasaki eyewear.

Buy Authentic Sarah Palin Kawasaki 704 Glasses at Urban Optiques

Urban Optiques carries the full collection of Kazuo Kawasaki Eyewear, including the stylish and sophisticated Kawasaki 704 frame made famous by Sarah Palin. As one of Metro-Detroit's only authorized Kawasaki boutiques, we have the expertise and training to fit you with the perfect pair of Kawasaki rimless eyeglasses. >>> For more information or to schedule an appointment call 248-347-9090 or email us at

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