Children’s Eyeglasses

Children's Eyeglasses and Eyewear from Urban Optiques

Help your children see and want to actually wear their eyeglasses with Urban Optique's Children's Eyewear and Sunglass Collection.

Urban Optiques offers an extensive collection of children's eyeglasses and sunglasses for infants to teens and even the 'Tweens!

Be sure to check out our newly-arrived Ray-Ban Junior Children's Eyeglass and Sunglass collection, offering one of the largest selections of in-stock Ray-Ban Junior eyeglass frames in Metro-Detroit.

For rough and tumble boys (and girls) who always seem to be breaking their eyeglasses, we offer the Tiny 2 kids eyewear line (called T2s), which feature flexible frames and temples in a rainbow of different colors and shades. Temples and frames can be mixed-and-matched to help even the fussiest of kids find something they love.

For girls, we offer beautiful frames from Lafont Pour les Enfants -- Lafont of Paris' adorable children's line available in both acetates and metals. Lafont even has a wonderful infant line.

Girls -- and their mother's -- love this line and Urban Optiques is one of only a few Metro-Detroit optical shops to carry this very stylish, high-quality line of children's eyeglasses. There's nothing quite as cool as to see a little girl's face light up after trying on a pair of pink Lafont Pour les Enfants.

This is a children's designer eyewear line that you'll never find at your corporate vision care franchise or discount eyewear chain. Compare us to see.

We also carry frames from popular children's eyeglass brand like Nike,Ralph Lauren Polo, Liberty, and Sight for Students.

What About My 'Tween?

Tween Eyeglasses and Eyewear

'Tweens -- or those clients between ages 9-14 -- offer unique challenges when it comes to fitting and selecting an eyeglass frame.

Depending on their development and growth, they can still wear a children's sized frame, but we often find that the children's styles aren't always in-line with what's "cool" at school.

On the other hand, an adult frame is often too large for a 'Tween's face. 'Tween boys have less issue with this than 'Tween girls.

At Urban Optiques, we have a number of adult frames that are sized to work on 'Tweens faces and help them feel comfortable and cool wearing their eyeglasses.

If we don't have that perfect eyeglass frame for your child, we'll always work with you and order in samples that they can try on until we get it right.

We've been very successful at Urban Optiques at matching kids who are stuck between children's eyeglasses and adult eyewear with frames that fit their personality. It takes a little patience and work -- but if you are willing to hang with us, we'll get it right.

Children's Eyeglass Lines

Lafont Children's Eyeglasses and Eyewear

Lafont Pour les Enfants
Cute, fun and extremely well-made, you won't find another children's eyeglass that can match a Lafont.

Ray-Ban Junior Children's Eyeglasses, Eyewear and Sunglasses by Ray-Ban

Just Arrived! Ray-Ban Junior Children's Eyeglasses & Sunglasses
Iconic Ray-Ban styling in a designer eyeglass frame sized for children, 'Tweens and even adults with smaller faces. We even have children's Ray-Ban sunglasses! Learn more ...

Tiny2 Children's Eyeglasses

A favorite of both boys and girls, Tiny2 can take a beating, and keep on seeing.

Eyeglasses and Eyewear for Tweens

'Tween Eyeglasses
'Tweens usually are happiest with a more "adult" style-frame that is sized for their face. If we don't carry it in-stock, we can special order.

What's Different About Children's Eyeglasses?

What's Different About Children's Eyeglasses?

Helping your child see isn't just a matter of fitting them with the right prescription eyeglass lens.

Kids are often our toughest customers, because social pressures and the fear of standing out or looking "different" make them skeptical of eyeglasses from the start.

We adults aren't always so different, but we just aren't as honest about our fears.

The trick with children and eyeglasses is to find the right frame to move them past their "fear" of glasses. For boys, this is usually something fairly subtle which also lets them off the hook if they beat up their eyeglasses (as boys will often do.)

For most boys, we recommend a Tiny2 frame that is flexible, durable and allows them to pick from a ton of colors (including something resembling Army drab which -- not surprisingly -- is very popular.)

For girls, these days it seems to be all about bringing out the inner "princess" -- pinks and lavenders and maybe even some adornment on their eyeglass frames.

Tomboys (which we reserve a special place for in our hearts) are less predictable. They can sometimes go for the more durable, sporty look of a Tiny2 frame or surprise us all by choosing a more "girly" eyeglass from Lafont or Tiny 2.

In either case, we have them covered. We're all about "Girl Power" in whatever shape it takes.

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