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Study Suggests Females Have Higher Rates of Eye Disease.  So What Can A Woman Do to Keep Her Vision Healthy?

You work-out and exercise, you eat healthy, your have regular check-ups with your OBGYN and primary physician, Image of Three Women: Research Indicates Women May Be More Prone to Eye Diseasebut are you also paying special attention to your vision?

Research suggests that you should be.

A 2008 study by Prevent Blindness America and the National Eye Institute consistently shows that more women are diagnosed with major eye diseases than men. Of the more than 3.6 million Americans age 40 or older who suffer from visual impairment, including blindness, 2.3 million are women.

This disturbing research prompted Prevent Blindness America to designate April as “Women’s Eye Care and Safety Month” in an effort to encourage women to make vision health a priority and schedule an eye exam that includes dilation.

Dry Eyes? You’re Not Alone Ladies

The study found that in addition to more diagnosed cases of major eye disease, women are more prone to dry eye syndrome, a condition where not enough natural tears are produced, or the composition of the tear layers is compromised.


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Resist the Urge to Shelf Those Sunglasses During The Winter: Sunnies Provide Protection Even When Temps Plunge

As temperatures drop and the days grow shorter, many people in Northern Protect Your Eyes Even in the Winter from UV With Quality Sunglassesclimates think it’s time to store away their sunglasses until they take their February vacation to South Beach or Spring makes its much anticipated return.

But keeping those sunglasses out of hibernation — even during the “less sunny” winter months — can help protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation, decrease the risk of later vision disorders, and help you see and be seen.

Why Wear Sunglasses in the Winter?

It’s easy to get lulled into a false sense of security when the temperatures drop outside and the sun appears only for eleven hours.

Although you don’t feel the heat of the sun during the winter months, the dangerous UV rays are still there. It’s like sunbathing on a cloudy day in July — you think you are fine until you turn red at 8 pm.

During the winter, UV radiation hits your eyes from multiple directions.  Not only do you get it from above, but you also have to deal with reflected UV radiation from snow, icy pavement and salted roads.

The glare off from snow, for example, can actually be more damaging than the reflected UV radiation from a sandy beach or from a water surface in the summer. That’s why you will often see skiers with custom-made specialty eyewear or  goggles with UV protection built in.


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Use These 9 Tips to Put Your Flex Spending Account Dollars to Work for Your Eyes.

With less than a month left to use use the funds in your Flexible Spending Account before they’re gone for good, don’t forget to use some of that flex money to give your eyes a little love.Woman In Designer Sunglasses

What Is A Flexible Spending Account?

Established by the U.S. government to provide employees with a tax-free method for paying out-of-pocket medical and health-related expenses, Flexible Spending Accounts have increased in popularity in recent years, especially since they enable individuals to lower their taxable income by up to $5,000 dollars.

How Flexible Spending Accounts Work

Here’s how Flexible Spending Accounts work:

Flexible Spending Accounts allow employees to have up to $5,000 withheld tax-free that they can use toward various health and dependent-care expenses (for example, the cost of day-care.) Funds are either deducted from the account via a debit card, or the employee can submit receipts of eligible purchases, and the funds are credited against the balance in the account.

Flexible Spending Accounts are beneficial because they allow you to bank funds that aren’t taxed by the Federal Government to cover certain out-of-pocket expenses, as well as lower your tax liability.

The only real downside to Flexible Spending Accounts is that if you don’t use up all of the balance in your account by the end of the calendar year, then you lose them for good.

This is the infamous “Use ’em or lose em” situation that causes many people to scramble during the month of December to find ways to utilize any remaining balances in their Flex Spending Accounts.


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