When You Deliver The Millionth Closed Loan, Your Shades Better Match The Mission! Check Out the Sunglasses from Urban Optiques Featured in Quicken Loan’s “The Millionth Loan” Movie …

Yesterday, Detroit-based national mortgage company Quicken Loans announced their millionth closed loan with a letter on their homepage (written in Comic Sans, no less) from founder and Chairman Dan Gilbert, a full-page ad in USA TODAY and a truly entertaining “mini-movie” about the guy who is put “in charge” of watching for the “millionth loan.”

Urban Optiques provided the sunglasses that appear on the two “men in black” in the elevator, the guys charged with making sure the millionth loan arrives safely to its destination.

Sunglasses from Urban Optiques featured in Quicken Loans

The featured sunglasses are the Badgley Mischka Charles and the Prada PR65HS.  Both are rectangle-shaped aviators. Great choices to get that FBI/Secret Service/Private Security dude look.


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Put a Some Sizzle in Your Suns with the Badgley Mischka “Steve” Men’s Aviator Sunglass — The Latest Release from Sama and Badgley Mischka!

You’ll remember in late June that a brand new Badgley Mischka sunglass model — the Steve — was spotted onBadgley Mischka Steve Sunglasses in Platinum or Gold with 24K Gold Lenses or 18K White Gold NBA forward Danny Granger at Sama’s West Hollywood boutique.  While the model hadn’t been publicly-released yet, we called up Sama and asked if we could get our hands on two of the Steves for ourselves.

We loved the big, bold frame — especially when coupled with the special edition 24K yellow gold and 18k white gold flash coated lenses from Sama.  The first of the Badgley Mischka Steve sunglasses arrived this week at Urban Optiques and all we can say is “wow.”

Guys, understand that this is not a sunglass for the man who wants to fade into the crowd. Nor is it for the faint of heart.Danny Granger in Badgley Mischka Steve Sunglasses

There is no way that you can put on the Steve and not get noticed.  It’s a very sexy sunglass, made all the sexier by the brilliant genuine 24K gold flash coating on the lenses. We see this working its magic best paired with a fantastic, custom-tailored suit — but Danny Granger shows that you can also pull it off with workout gear (not recommending this, just saying …)

The Badgley Mischka Steve is so new, in fact, that there’s a good chance that whoever buys the first pair will be one of only a handful of lucky men to be first seen in this very cool sunglass.  Will it be you?

Check out the pictures below that we snapped of the Badgley Mischka Steve in the boutique this week.


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Urban Optiques Takes the Loree Rodkin “Hunter” Sunglasses & Goes a Little Bit Wild

As we mentioned earlier in the week, Urban Optiques has partnered with 944 Detroit Magazine to give away a pair of fab Loree Rodkin eyeCouture Special Edition “Hunter”  Sunglasses with 18K white gold lenses as part of 944’s new “Detroit Swag” feature.

I won’t go into all the reasons that these are amazing sunglasses worth every cent of their $1,200 price tag (okay, I will: They have genuine hand-cut calfskin leather inserts, 18K gold couture lenses and, of course, the jewelry-grade sterling silver Loree Rodkin signature skulls at the temples.)

The real question on everyone’s mind is how do I wear them?

So to provide some inspiration, we’re putting together five looks this month ranging from mild, to a little bit wild — to completely wild — to show you how easy it is to accessorize these super-lux aviators.

This is a unisex frame, so be patient men … we’ll provide some looks for you also. But today we’re going to start with a cool, urban look that combines the Special Edition Loree Rodkin Hunter with a pair of Alice + Olivia seamed biker pants, Brooke Western Snake Tee, and a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti pumps.

We also tossed in some great accessories that play off from the leather, sterling silver and platinum finish on the Hunter sunglasses, including a vintage Chanel ring, Sonora Leather bracelet and dog-tag style monogrammed charm from Helen Ficalora (you can customize it with your initial.)

All of the elements of the ensemble (minus the Loree Rodkin sunglasses) are available at

To enter the 944 Detroit/Urban Optiques giveaway and have a chance at winning the Special Edition Loree Rodkin Hunter sunglasses, visit the 944 Detroit Swag Microsite.

A Little Bit Wild

A Little Bit Wild: Featuring the Loree Rodkin Special Edition Hunter Sunglass

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944 Detroit Magazine, Urban Optiques and Loree Rodkin eyeCouture by Sama Team Up to Offer One Lucky Winner a Pair of Special Edition Loree Rodkin “Hunter” Sunglasses with 18K Gold Couture Lenses

In celebration of 944 Magazine’s debut of “Detroit Swag” this month, Urban Optiques, 944 Detroit and Loree RodkinLoree Rodkin Special Edition Hunter Sunglasses for 944 Detroit Swag Giveaway eyeCouture by Sama are giving away a fab pair of Special Edition Loree Rodkin Hunter Sunglasses featuring 18K gold lenses by Sama.

These aren’t just any sunglasses.  Like nearly everything we carry at Urban Optiques, you won’t find Loree Rodkin at Sunglass Hut, Lenscrafters, S.E.E. or even Nordstrom or Saks.

Designed by world-renowned L.A. luxury jeweler Loree Rodkin, these magnificent suns feature a silky platinum finish over pure titanium frames, genuine brown calfskin leather insets in the temples, and Loree Rodkin’s trademark skulls in sterling silver.

To top it all off, Sama has luxed-up these already amazing aviators by adding Special Edition 18K white gold lenses.

The Special Edition Loree Rodkin Hunter retails for over $1,200 dollars, but we’re going to put one lucky person in this fantastic, rock-star sunglass for free. All you have to do is visit the 944 Detroit Swag site and register to win.

The winner will be announced in the August Edition of 944 Detroit Magazine.

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The New Modo ECO Eyewear Collection at Urban Optiques Melds Style with Sustainability.  Eyewear Made from 95% Recycled Materials!

Okay, let’s just get this out of the way: If you are over 25 you’ll remember a time when “eco-friendly” and “fashionable”Modo ECO Eyewear: Earth Conscious Optics would not be uttered in the same sentence.  While Birkenstocks are great for your feet, I’m pretty certain “stylish” was never a term that applied to them.

But over the past few years, all of that has changed. Designers and retailers have come up with all kinds of creative ways to produce truly stylish eco-friendly and sustainable products from recycled materials.  One of our favorites is the Harvey Tote made from recycled seat belts, which sounds utterly horrible until you actually see it.  Turns out that seatbelts can be actually quite beautiful when weaved together into a purse or handbag.

Or take the new Modo ECO Eyewear Collection that we just added at Urban Optiques: More than 25 eyeglasses and sunglass models made from 95% recycled plastic and stainless steel. Not only are they environmentally-responsible, but they also look amazing.

MODO ECO Eyewear: Certified “Green”

The Modo ECO (Earth Conscious Optics) line is an eyewear collection marked by “firsts.” It’s the first optical andModo ECO 1032 Eyeglasses in Black sunglass collection to be made entirely of recycled materials.  It’s also the first-ever consumer brand and eyewear collection to receive an Environmental Claims Validation (ECV) from UL Environment (ULE), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a world leader in product evaluation. Getting a Environmental Claims Validation is not an easy process, so it’s quite an achievement for the New York based boutique eyewear maker.

Everything about the new Modo ECO line is about sustainability, right down to the packaging. In addition to using recycled and repurposed materials to create the frames, the collection is packaged in recycled materials and each new pair is accompanied by an easy to use mail-in recycling kit that allows you to donate your unwanted frames to charities that help supply eyeglasses to developing countries.


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