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Forget about flowers and chocolate, if you really want to make her heart flutter this Valentines Day say “Be Mine” with the gift of one of these seven hot sunglasses from Urban Optiques.

Guys, a Valentines Day Gift Tip: Next to shoes and handbags, there is only one other accessory that a woman can’t have to many of …  Sunglasses.

So while flowers are beautiful and chocolate is delicious, sunglasses are eternal.

Well, maybe not eternal, but they have a longer shelf life than roses or Godivas.

So if you’re scratching your head over what to buy your sweetie this Valentines Day, Urban Optiques is going to take the guesswork out of picking out the perfect Valentine’s Day gift by recommending seven sunglasses that are sure to please even the most discriminating woman.

All of these sunglasses are currently in-stock at Urban Optiques. In some cases, we have certain models in other colors, so please call for more information. We stock more than 100 designer fashion and couture sunglasses, so if you don’t see the perfect Valentine’s shade here, there’s a good chance we’ll have it.

And ff your sweetheart is particularly picky, gift certificates are also available.

Chrome Hearts “Queenie”

Chrome Hearts Queenie Sunglasses Seen On Paris Hilton

If the “Queenie” sunglass from Chrome Hearts is good enough for bored hotel heiresses like Paris Hilton, it’s sure to be perfect for your fashion-conscious sweetheart.

All jesting aside, this is a really fabulous, big sunglass with a unique square-ish frame that works on just about every face shape.  So if her sunglass collection is filled with giant round sunglasses, she’ll love the “Queenie” because it’s still big and dramatic, but breaks the mold in terms of shape.

In other words, it’s a sunglass that her girlfriends won’t have.  BIG points for you.

We have the Queenie from Chrome Hearts in “Cherry Stripe.”


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Why We Love the Tom Ford Narcissa Sunglass …

Every now and then, a sunglass comes along that just makes you stop dead in your tracks and say “wow.”Tom Ford Narcissa Sunglasses

For us, that sunglass is the Tom Ford Narcissa.

When we got our first shipment of Tom Ford sunglasses in over the summer, two of the Tom Ford sunglass models immediately jumped out at us:  The Whitney (a favorite of Angelina Jolie) and the Tom Ford Narcissa.

We had seen these sunnies in magazines and on the Internet, but nothing could prepare us for actually having a couple pairs in our eager little hands.

Tom Ford Sunglasses: Celebrity Hot

Beginning last year, we noticed Tom Ford sunglasses making (repeated) appearances on everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Anne Hathaway, Charlize Theron and Jessica Biel.

Rihanna in Tom Ford TF-0129 Narcissa SunglassesIn fact, aside from Ray Bans,  we haven’t seen a designer sunglass line show up on so many well-known faces in such a short period of time.  So obviously, we couldn’t wait to start carrying them in the store.

While Tom Ford Eyewear has been a little slow to catch on off the coasts (eyewear trends tend to move inward from L.A. and New York, so there is usually a lag before something gets hot in Detroit), once we started getting them in front of people, they began to sell.

Tom Ford Narcissa: One Curvy, Sexy Sunglass

What we love about the Tom Ford Narcissa (and many of the women’s sunglasses in Tom Ford’s lineup) is that they utilize simple, curvy lines to produce a very feminine, sophisticated and sexy sunglass.


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