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  • Trying to figure out sudden interest in Loree Rodkin eyewear. Visits just surged, getting emails wanting to buy. What's going on? #fashion #
  • Watching the Golden Globes … #
  • @mee_chelle You're right @RachelSiegel rocks. She's all you need to navigate the fashion web (among other things.) in reply to mee_chelle #
  • Yikes… Anderson Cooper tweeting about discovering a child's skull in the debris in Haiti just sounds BAD in 140 characters. #
  • Somethings just require more sensitivity and context than Twitter can accommodate. #
  • I Have a Dream: Doing MLK's Unfinished Work in Detroit #IHaveADream #detroit #MLK #
  • @RachelSiegel Rachel, Matt @ quicken loans says you need to talk Ari into bringing you to Cleveland for the Family Reunion. in reply to RachelSiegel #
  • @RachelSiegel Then you can make a trip up to Northville and we can hook you up with some more cool eyewear! in reply to RachelSiegel #
  • Props to @SamaEyewear for fixing our client's precious Loree Rodkin sunglasses. She loves what you did! #
  • @SamaEyewear … now you just need to start Tweeting. August??? 😉 #
  • Urban Optiques Viewing Guide for "My Fair Lady" tonight at the Marquis Theatre is now available: #detroit #
  • Tickets on sale at Edwards Cafe & Catering 115 East Main. Last week's show sold out, so get your tix early today before they are gone! #

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Remembering the Legacy of one of America’s Great Leaders and How We Can Keep the Dream Alive in Our City

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we thought we’d make a switch and talk about something different today: dreams and opportunity. March on Washington

This year marks the 55th anniversary of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, triggered by Detroiter Rosa Parks refusal to give up her seat. The boycott, led by Martin Luther King Jr., lasted 385 days, resulted in the firebombing of King’s home and eventually brought about a landmark Federal ruling ending racial segregation on all Montgomery public buses.

It was just the first of many campaigns that King and civil rights activists both black and white conducted in the South to dismantle America’s equivalent of South Africa’s apartheid.

From Albany, Georgia to Birmingham, to Augustine and Selma and eventually the foot of the Washington Monument, King’s focus on changing policy and people’s mindset through non-violent protest eventually resulted in passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

But King struggled when he tried to take his message North to cities like Chicago and Detroit.

The discrimination in these cities was less overt than in the South, but no less real. While King recognized that economic development was key to breaking down walls between black and white in the North, his organization found that the tactics that worked in Birmingham weren’t necessarily going to work in Detroit or Chicago.

Martin Luther King Jr. was still in the process of trying figure this out when at 6:01 p.m. April 4, 1968 his life was ended on the second floor balcony at the Lorraine Hotel in Memphis.

According to King’s biographer Taylor Branch, an autopsy revealed that while King was only 39 years old, he had the heart of a 60 year old man.

Finishing King’s Work In Detroit

The riots that ensued in the wake of King’s assassination had a bitter irony to them. After all, for his entire life, King refused to raise a hand against his oppressors, always choosing non-violence as his preferred method of social change. Yet here was his “Promised Land” awash in fire and hate.

In Metro-Detroit, conventional wisdom continues to blame the riots of 1968 for the “white flight” to the suburbs and the eventual decay of our once thriving city. Whether the riots were the first or final nail in Detroit’s coffin depends on who you talk to. All we know is that many of us would like to start removing those nails for good. Detroit needs to look forward, not back.


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  • Lafont 2010 Spring/Summer Eyewear Collection Arrives: Gotta check out the cheetah glasses! #eyewear #fashion #detroit #
  • Today's UV Ray Index Report for Metro-Detroit: UV2 – Low. However, reflections off the snow can double that. Consider shades today. #
  • Wow … major hits on "Sarah Palin Eyeglasses" today on Urban Optiques. She must be back in the news … #
  • And yes, we have the Sarah Palin Kawasakis. #
  • Two new Winter 1/2 off second pair of designer frames promotions at Urban Optiques: #eyewear #eyeglasses #fashion #
  • Tix for "North by Northwest" at the Marquis Theatre are still available! We'll see you tonight in the lobby! #detroit #
  • We'll also be serving drinks and refreshments after the movie at the boutique. Stop in and say hello. Giveaways! #movies #detroit #
  • @Cohensoptical We have a couple pairs back-ordered with Sama right now. Just waiting for them to come in. in reply to Cohensoptical #
  • Zach Posen's Target Collection Lookbook pictures released Check out the sunnies. Love the shoes too. #fashion #eyewear #
  • Many thanks to everyone who stopped in tonight after the Northville "Movie at the Marquis" film "North By Northwest." #
  • Make sure you get your tix early for "My Fair Lady" next Saturday at Edwards Cafe and Caterer: #detroit #

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Straight From Paris, We’ve Added More Than 40 New Lafont Eyeglasses in Colors, Shapes and Patterns That Are a Feast for the Eyes!

While April in Paris is still three wintery months away, it already feels like springtime on the rue du Faubourg Urban Optiques 2010 Lafont Eyewear CollectionSt-Honoré inside Urban Optiques.

That’s because on Thursday, the first of several shipments of new Lafont eyeglasses and sunglasses arrived.

We’ve added more than 40 new frames from Lafont, drawn from the new Spring/Summer 2010 Lafont Paris Collection, as well as new, fresh designs from the Issy & LA and Lafont Reedition Collections. We also added several new  Lafont Pour les Infants frames for children, ‘Tweens and infants.

While the majority of our new Lafont suns will arrive closer to Spring, we did pick a couple of very chic Lafont sunglasses, just to remind everyone that winter doesn’t last forever.

Less than two days after adding the frames, we’ve already sold three of the new Lafont models, which is a great sign.

In celebration of the addition of the new Lafonts, we’re doing a buy one frame at regular price and get 1/2 off select Lafont frames from our previous collection.

This is a great opportunity to pick up two very different styles of Lafonts (one for work and maybe something bolder for play), so be sure to ask about the special when you stop in to browse the new collection.


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