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Dry Eyes Driving You Crazy? Find Relief for Dry Eyes in This Month’s VSP EnVision Newsletter “Ask The Eye Doc” Column with Dr. Michelle


Q. Lately my eyes have become dry and scratchy feeling when I blink. How can I soothe my irritated eyes?What Can I Do To Soothe My Dry Eyes - Ask The Eye Doctor

A. Every time you blink, your healthy eyes get a bath from a fluid that’s a combination of oil, water, and mucus. This fluid, or tears, helps protect and moisturize the eyes. When something irritates your eyes or interferes with the production of tears, it can result in irritated dry eyes that are vulnerable to corneal abrasions.

Dry eyes are actually very common. More than 20 million Americans suffer from this annoying and sometimes painful condition. If you think you have dry eyes, check out some of these common symptoms and possible causes. Once you understand the culprit, you can begin to make changes to relieve your burning eyes, once and for all.

Symptoms of Dry Eyes:

  • Dry, itchy, or burning eyes
  • A scratching sensation, or feeling like there’s grit in the eyes
  • Sensitivity to light causing squinting and blinking
  • Difficulty focusing because of dryness
  • Both eyes are usually affected
  • Watery eyes (a little known fact!)


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Who Says Turkeys Don’t Have a Sense of Style? Check Out This Fashionable Bird Caught On Camera Strolling the Streets of Boston

When we saw this photo of a wild turkey all puffed up and preening on the streets of Brookline, MA, we couldn’t help but have some Thanksgiving Day fun with the photo.

Apparently, wild turkeys — once on the verge of extinction in Massachusetts — have started turning up on the streets around Boston. This picture, taken in 2007, ironically was snapped outside of the office of a Brookline, MA optician.

The World's Most Stylish Turkey

Loving the leopard Louboutin booties, Chanel handbag and fab oversized white sunglasses!  No doubt she stopped traffic.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Urban Optiques Team!

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Preview the New 2011 Chrome Hearts Eyewear Collection During Our Day-long Trunk Show on Saturday, December 11th!Chrome Hearts Eyewear

Click to Register for Chrome Hearts Trunk Show

Just in time for the holidays and the end of the Flex spending year, we’re thrilled to announce an exclusive, day-long opportunity for Metro-Detroit to get an inside look at the latest Chrome Hearts eyeglasses and sunglasses.

On Saturday, December 11th from 11 am to 3 pm, Spencer Walling of Chrome Hearts/Optical Shop International will be on location at Urban Optiques with the new 2011 Chrome Hearts Eyewear Collection.

We previewed these frames last month at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas and were extremely excited about the new designs.  So excited, in fact, that knew we had to get these frames into the boutique and in-front of Metro-Detroit eyewear and fashion lovers in advance of the new models actually shipping early next year.

Even better, Spencer will be bringing selections from the Chrome Hearts “Jewel Collection” — which includes custom eyewear featuring precious metals like 24K gold, sterling silver and rubies, diamonds, black diamonds,  and sapphires.

While we have carried a small number of these ultra-premium models in the past, December’s trunk show will be a rare opportunity to experience the larger Diamond Collection first hand. It will also provide a chance to do some early holiday shopping and light up the eyes of the eyewear lover in your life with a pair customized, jewelery-grade sunglasses or eyeglasses.

Chinnutz RL Diamond Collection Temple Detail

Chrome Hearts 2 Kanchu 2 Gold Diamond Temple Detail

Chrome Hearts Cock-a-Roach Sunglasses with Diamonds

Chrome Hearts DIXON U Diamond Collection

Chrome Hearts Splat Diamond Collection Temple Detail Small

The Chrome Hearts Eyewear Trunk Show open house will run from 11 am to 3 pm and will be followed later that night by an invitation-only private cocktail reception and media preview.

If you pre-register for the open house, you’ll be entered to win a pair of Chrome Hearts “Baby Beast” sunglasses, as well as one of three Motor City Denim designer tees by Detroit fashion designer and Project Runway alum, Joe Faris. You can register here.

For details, or to request an invite to the private event, please contact us at 248.347-9090 or email us at

Click to Register for Chrome Hearts Trunk Show

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Shopping, food and fun all for a good cause. Help support Detroit F.I.R.E. and be a hero! Plus, 20% off all sunglasses!

Start the Holiday Shopping season in style! Grab your favorite BFF and come visit Urban Optiques and other downtown shops for the 2010 “Girls Night Out, Friday November 12 from 6 pm – 10 pm.

Urban Optiques will be offering a rare discount for the night on ALL of our designer and couture sunglasses: 20% all sunglasses in the store, including FRED, Badgley Mischka, Sama, Loree Rodkin eyeCouture, Prada, Lafont, Lanvin and Chrome Hearts.  We’ll also be serving complimentary cocktails and wine.

Even better, for every $10 you spend you get a chance to enter the Downtown Northville “Girls Night Out” raffle. Northville Sports Den will host the afterglow with a drawing held at 9:30p.m.

Downtown Northville Girls Night Out at Urban Optiques

The City of Northville, Northville Township and Detroit Fire fighters will be selling mistletoe throughout downtown.  A photo booth will be set up at Craig David Butler studios for a Holiday picture with Firefighters.

This event will benefit F.I.R.E., Firefighters Injured Relief Effort and all proceeds will go to four brave Detroit Firefighters who sustained life and career-altering injuries on August of this year.

Fab eyewear, fab time, fab cause!

See everyone tonight!

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When You Deliver The Millionth Closed Loan, Your Shades Better Match The Mission! Check Out the Sunglasses from Urban Optiques Featured in Quicken Loan’s “The Millionth Loan” Movie …

Yesterday, Detroit-based national mortgage company Quicken Loans announced their millionth closed loan with a letter on their homepage (written in Comic Sans, no less) from founder and Chairman Dan Gilbert, a full-page ad in USA TODAY and a truly entertaining “mini-movie” about the guy who is put “in charge” of watching for the “millionth loan.”

Urban Optiques provided the sunglasses that appear on the two “men in black” in the elevator, the guys charged with making sure the millionth loan arrives safely to its destination.

Sunglasses from Urban Optiques featured in Quicken Loans

The featured sunglasses are the Badgley Mischka Charles and the Prada PR65HS.  Both are rectangle-shaped aviators. Great choices to get that FBI/Secret Service/Private Security dude look.


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