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    We've spent a lot of time and attention making Urban Optiques an experience that you'll remember. From our handmade eyewear cases created from recovered and vintage materials, to the constantly changing window displays, we try to make Urban Optiques a feast for both your eyes and soul.

    We've snapped a few pictures of our office and even put together a video so you can get a feeling for what to expect when you become an Urban Optiques patient and client. Like what you see? We think it's better in real life, so make an appointment or even drop in some time for cup of artisan tea or espresso (it's on us) and browse our collection of designer eyewear and sunglasses.

    "Get Seen!" The Urban Optiques Video Tour

    Urban Optiques MainCentre - Northville

    Image of Urban Optiques Vision Northville
    Exterior of Urban Optiques

    Yes, that's the outside of Urban Optiques. We're located at the corner of Main and Center Streets in downtown historical Northville (also known as MainCentre.) Don't let the name on the awning confuse you -- we're still in the process of swapping out the Urban Optiks names for Urban Optiques. New awning should be arriving soon. Notice the old-style neon sign? It's one of our building's most distinctive features (and a great landmark to look for when you're trying to find us.) We love the neon sign and it won't be going anywhere!

    Greeting & Reception Desk

    Image of Urban Optiques Reception Area
    Our Reception Area

    Aside from the frame displays, this will pretty much be the first thing you encounter when you enter Urban Optiques. This is where Becky spends a good part of her day, answering phones, setting appointments, and keeping the trains running on time. It's also where you'll find the Nespresso machine and fresh fruit.

    Frame Display and Fitting Area

    Image of Urban Optiques Optometry Eyeglass Fitting & Display Area
    Custom Vintgae Frame Displays

    This is the area that Kathy our optician calls home and where we display all of our designer eyewear and eyeglasses. We have two eyeglass fitting tables in this area that also double as space-efficient displays for additional frame stock. Our Tom Fords are kept under the glass on the right fitting table. One thing you'll notice right away when you walk into Urban Optiques is that it doesn't feel like your usual doctors office. We did this on purpose -- we wanted it to have a warm, inviting ambiance that wasn't overly sterile or drab.

    Hand Made Vintage Cases

    Image of Vintage Hand-Made Eyeglass Cases
    Our Vintage Display Cases for Eyewear

    Walk in and immediately turn to your left and you'll see those hand-built frame displays we were talking about earlier. Made from old wood cabinets and armoires with their doors removed, our carpenter then strung the cases with wire to allow frames to be displayed in them. We love the displays because not only are recycled (and green), but they also just look cool. There are five of these displays at Urban Optiques, and each is one-of-a-kind.

    Eyeglass Fitting Table

    Image of Optical and Eyewear Fitting Table
    Eyewear Fitting Table

    Here's one of the two glass-topped eyeglass fitting stations used by our opticians. The construction of the table, with an area below the glass tabletop for displaying frames, reminds me of terrarium or butterfly display case. Frames are protected underneath by linen and handmade parchment. You'll see a close-up of the table in the next picture.

    Closeup of Eyewear Fitting Tables

    Close-Up Image of Eyewear Fitting Table
    The Glass-Top Eyewear Fitting Table

    See what we mean: Just like great eyewear, the fitting tables in the optical display area are a perfect combination of form and function. When you're constantly trying to provide more eyewear options for your patients and clients, you have to make every inch count. We can comfortably display up to three dozen frames in each table.

    Funky Copper Mirrors

    Image of Copper Mirror Used for Eyewear Fitting
    Mirror Made From Copper Piping

    You'll notice a lot of contrasting between different materials and finishes at Urban Optiques. This mirror on the fitting table is a great example. Look close: It's actually made out of copper pipe (yes, like the stuff that is running in your basement.) It's surprising how an industrial building material can make such a beautiful mirror. Who would have thought?

    Prada Eyewear Display Case

    Image of Prada Eyewear
    Prada Eyewear Display

    This is one of my favorite eyewear displays in the store. It's a combination of wood and hammered metal, which makes it the perfect foil for the chic, modern style of a Prada frame or sunglass.

    LaFont Paris Eyeglasses

    Image of LaFont Paris Eyeglass Frames
    LaFonts On Display

    Row-upon-row of LaFont Paris eyeglass frames. LaFonts are some of the most stylish and well-made designer eyeglass frames that you've probably never heard of. Exquisitely designed with amazing attention to detail, it's rare that there's not a LaFont frame with your name written all over it. Even better, they offer a wide-range of styles -- from Parisian sophisticate to flirty or fun retro styles. We sell a lot of these frames, and for good reason: LaFont won the award for best eyeglass design at the 2008 International Eyewear Expo (and yes, we carry the winning frame.)

    Fred Lunettes Display

    Image of Fred Lunette Eyeglasses and Sunglasses in Front Display
    Fred Lunettes

    Speaking of Parisian chic, check out the Fred Lunettes under lock and key when you first walk in the door. Like jewelry for your eyes, Fred is the pinnacle of luxury eyewear. We carry both men's and women's Fred eyeglass frames as well as sunglasses. Don't let the high-security intimidate you: We're always glad to grab the key and let you try them on.

    Chrome Hearts Eyeglasses & Sunglasses

    Image of Chrome Hearts Eyewear Case
    Our Chrome Hearts Collection

    Head toward the back of the store and you'll see our collection of Chrome Hearts eyeglasses and sunglasses. Urban Optiques is one of the few retailers in the Metro-Detroit area authorized sell to these hip, hand-made luxury eyeglasses and sunglasses that are favorites of celebs like Ashley Simpson, Heidi Klum, Lenny Kravitz, Mischa Barton, Jamie Foxx and fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld. Our "Chromes" as we like to call them are displayed in their own metal case that we had custom-made for the eyewear line.

    More Chrome Hearts

    Image of Chrome Hearts Eyeglass Frames
    More Chrome Hearts

    Okay, couldn't resist showing just one more picture of the Chromes. This one is an eyeglass frame -- notice the wood temples with the inlaid Chrome Hearts signature cross. Very cool glasses.

    Designer Sunglasses in the Window Display

    Close-Up of Designer Sunglasses in Urban Optiques Front Window
    Close Up of Sunglass Display

    In addition to being our optician, Kathy was also a graduate of art school. Not only does that mean she has a great sense of composition when matching you with frames, but she also knows how to build amazing eyewear displays for our front windows. Here's a close up of some Ferragamos, Oliver Peeples and miscellaneous other designer sunglasses in our front window display.

    Children's Eyeglasses

    Image of Children's Eyeglasses
    Children's Eyeglass Frames

    We don't just offer frames for adults -- we also have plenty of eyeglass frames for children, including LaFont, High School Musical, Polo, Hershey's and Hanna Montana.

    Big Giant Painting By The Eye Exam Room

    Image of Artwork by Eye Exam Room
    Painting by Eye Exam Room

    We like art at Urban Optiques and our patients can get to see some really large original art on the back wall on their way back to the eye exam room. This particular piece produced a great story that you should ask us about when you come it. We'll have to share it out of earshot of the kids, though.

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