The Lafont Brazil Sunglass puts the “Tres” in “Tres Chic” with this Magnificent Round Sunglass that You’ll Never Find at “The Sunglass Hut”

If you haven’t noticed yet, we adore everything about Lafont.Lafont Brazil Sunglasses in Gray

From their inspired optical eyeglass collection that offers a color, pattern and frame shape for seemingly everyone (it’s just a matter of trying them on, trust us) to Lafont’s imaginative sunglass line that breaks every convention — yet seem to always look so sophisticated, classy … and well … so French —  Lafont continues to be one of our most popular eyewear lines among both our clients and the Urban Optiques team.

Last month, we refreshed our Lafont eyewear collection and brought in over sixty new Lafont frames from their 2010 Spring eyewear collection. Being the sun lovers that we are, we also picked a half-dozen new Lafont sunglass models as well for the store.

It’s how we people in the eyewear business remind themselves that Spring will eventually come: We buy new sunglass stock.

One of the Lafont sunglasses that really made our heart pound was the Lafont Brazil.

The Lafont Brazil is one of those sunglasses that just immediately jumps out at you when you see it.

It’s features a semi-round  frame (almost perfectly round, but not quite.)  It was big, but not huge … and it wasn’t plastic.  So it was immediately different from anything else you’ll typically see out there.

When I first saw it, the Lafont Brazil’s metal frame with the dainty crystal “rivets” running around the frame reminded me of the Eiffel Tower … if the Eiffel Tower’s was studded with diamonds.

The Lafont Brazil is also reminiscent of some of the slightly smaller, metal round sunglasses we started to see emerge on Paris runways over the past year, specifically this sunglass from Proenza Schouler (a line that we are contemplating adding):

Proenza Schouler Round Sunglasses

This shape and material in sunglasses hasn’t taken widespread hold yet in the States, but we think Summer 2010 will be the year that you see more sunglasses following the lead of some of the European styles that have emerged over the past 12 months. And this frame-style is going to become really hot, in our opinion.

We’ve put this sunglass on about a dozen faces since receiving it from Lafont, and the reaction from clients  is always “Wow!”

The Lafont Brazil works surprisingly well on a wide-variety of face shapes, and it’s truly a unique, stand-out sunglass that will draw compliments whenever you wear it.

Even better, the Lafont Brazil comes in three frame colors with matching lens tints: A brown metal frame with brown gradient lenses, a gray/crystal frame with silver lenses or a purple frame with violet gradient lenses.

Lafont Brazil Sunglasses Purple

Lafont Brazil Sunglasses Brown

And all three of the models have the tiny, subtle crystal “studs” running around the metal frame.

The Lafont Brazil is a truly versatile sunglass — it works equally well with a suit or jeans.

And because you can’t just drive over to the local Sunglass Hut (we actually ask you to visit them and learn that they have nothing but the same old usual sunglasses you see on everyone)  and  get the Lafont Brazil (or any Lafont sunglass, for that matter), the chances of you getting caught dead in the same sunnies as your girlfriend (or nemesis) are pretty rare.

So tell us … are we crazy or is this just one cool French sunglass?

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