Should We Carry the Francis Klein Eyeglass and Sunglass Lines?

We’re looking to add a couple of select eyewear and sunglass lines to our current collection this Spring.Francis-Klein-DOMI-Sunglasses

One of the designers who caught our eye was Paris-based Francis Klein.

There are a few of reasons why we are considering adding Francis Klein to our existing eyewear collection at Urban Optiques:

First, they just make beautiful, retro-inspired eyewear that’s hand-made in Paris.

Their frames — both optical and sun — are amazing works of art made by people who are passionate about creating unique, one-of-a-kind eyewear.

Second, no one in Michigan is carrying eyewear from this little French treasure (at least as far as we know), which makes them an even better fit for our buying philosophy.

Third, we love working with independent companies that haven’t diluted their brand or product through some giant corporate distribution network.  Like L’Amy (the distributor of our Lanvin-Paris and Chloé frames) and Lafont-Paris, they are a joy to work with since they don’t have some giant company making the decisions from a disconnected boardroom. These are people who get what we do and will not compromise on quality, style or service.

It’s something we really appreciate around Urban Optiques, because it’s the essence of who we are and what we stand for.

So check out some of Francis Klein’s eyeglasses and suns and tell us what you think:

Francis Klein Risk Eyeglasses

Francis Klein Pinup Sunglasses











Francis Klein Bella Eyeglasses

Francis Klein Basyl Eyeglass Frames

Francis Klein Aigle

Francis Klein Tub Eyeglass Frames

So what do you think? Should we carry them?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

We’re in love with them. Are you?

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12 Responses to “Yay or Nay: Francis Klein Eyewear & Francis Klein Sunglasses?”

Rob January 30, 2010

These are brilliant – yes you should stock them. Some of the details are wonderful. Particularly the birds on the Dak model! I will be blogging about these soon! Great find

Cat Fraser January 30, 2010

These glasses are fabulous! The shapes are so flattering and the design and color details are subtle and sophisticated. I tried a few pair on a number of months ago and still hope to purchase a pair (not cheap). I prefer wearing contact lens but these frames make me want to wear glasses again!

Dr. Michelle February 3, 2010

Rob and Cat, thanks for sharing your thoughts. We ran across the Francis Kleins at Mortgenthal Fredrics in Soho and were instantly in love. We really love high-quality French eyewear around here. We’re almost positive there is no one else in Michigan carrying them, which makes them even more interesting to us.

Cat, any eyeglass that makes you want to ditch your contacts is a winner in my book. You know, you can always drop a non-script lens in them and wear them OVER your contacts. I do that myself with a couple pairs of Lafonts and a vintage frame I picked up.

Melissa February 14, 2010

I say yes! I sold these frames where I worked in San Francisco and people LOVE them. Our clients were always looking for eclectic high end frames and these fit the bill for the adventurous. The quality and craftsmanship that go into these frame makes each one unique and special. I particularly appreciate that the designs are not always symmetrical – a nice touch.

Dr. Michelle February 17, 2010

Thanks for the lowdown Melissa. I think we’re going to add them in the Spring!

Randee Sue Phillips March 14, 2010

yes!! they are amazing quality. I have two pairs for about 4 years. I am currently looking for Bella or Ninon in nyc.

Valkerie March 15, 2010

I came across FK glasses in a shop owned by a friend. I fell in love immediately after trying out the first pair. The details are good and quality feels sturdy enough for everyday wear.

I agree with Cat that it’s not cheap. 🙂 I hope to own a pair soon!

of course you should add them, I miss them in my own country, need to buy them in Paris or London, I have 4 pairs now and I adore them!!! And the service is great, when you need support , they are there for you. Francis Klein is SUPERB! (an artist me, and want to show that I love to be different in choosing my frames)

J Miles August 5, 2010

YESSS! Bought my first 2 at Francis Klein’s shop in the 7th ARR Paris. It would be divine to find them here.

Lesley Coco May 13, 2011

Absolutely yes – I want to purchase a pair of Emilie Red like Roseanne Barr wore on Oprah – I live in Australia and would pay anything for them!!!

Diane Kayne August 24, 2011

Absolutely yes, especially the regular eyeglass frames, the Koko Collection (modified cateye shape)

J Miles April 10, 2013

I have worn Francis Klein eyeglasses and sunglasses since I discovered them in Paris in 2006. They are fabulous. YES, carry them! Please.

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