We Just Got the First of 10 New Chrome Hearts Eyeglasses and Sunglasses In! Check ‘Em Out …

After the holiday postal mail backup, we arrived this morning to lots of goodies from the delivery guys.Chrome Hearts Eyeglasses

The last of our Ray-Ban Juniors came in today, so that was a great start.

The real topper, however, was the arrival of the first four of ten new Chrome Hearts Eyewear pieces that we ordered a few weeks ago. There will be even more in the coming weeks as part of our in-stock Chrome Hearts Eyewear Collection expansion.

This week’s new arrivals include three Chrome Hearts optical frames — the D. Sanchez, Jablome, and Package — as well as a really beautiful, cool pair of Little Classic Oval sunglasses in lilac.

The pictures are taken on the fly and don’t convey how gorgeous these new Chrome Hearts are. So stop in to see them and try them on — you won’t be disappointed.

These are some truly fantastic new eyeglasses.

Our New Chrome Hearts Eyeglass Additions

Here’s a peek at our new Chrome Hearts optical frames:

New Chrome Hearts Eyeglasse Models: Jablome, D. Sanchez and Package

Here’s a couple of closeups.  First, the Chrome Hearts D. Sanchez in a beautiful aubergine:

Chrome Hearts D. Sanchez Eyeglasses in Aubergine

And now the Jablome:

Chrome Hearts Jablome Eyeglasses

And then the Chrome Hearts Package eyeglass frame with a cool red/burgundy stripe around the inside of the frame against the lens:

Chrome Hearts Package Eyeglass Frame

And We Get Some Amazing Little Classic Oval Sunglasses … In Lilac!

We also were able to pick up a killer pair of brand-new Little Classic Oval sunglasses in lilac leather temples with matching colored lilac lens gradiant.

As Chrome Hearts devotees will know, The Little Classic Ovals are no longer in production, so when we found out that OSI had a few pairs in stock, we grabbed this one.  Believe us, the pictures do not do this amazing Chrome Hearts sunglass credit — you really have to see it in-person to appreciate it:

Chrome Hearts Little Classic Oval In Lilac

Here’s one more shot from a different angle:

Chrome Hearts Little Classic Oval Sunglass in Lilac

The Little Classic Oval is very popular sunglass frame around our shop and this one is perfect for the woman who wants to bring out her inner-Rock Star.  A celeb favorite, we’ll grab overstock all day on this one.

We’re going to see if we can pick up a couple more, since we think this frame is going to move fast.

Check back to see our next round of Chrome Hearts.

And, yes, the massively popular First Facial is ordered and on i’s way, along with five additional Chrome Hearts suns and optical frames.

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