Urban Optiques Signs on as “Name In Lights” Sponsor for 2010 “Movies at the Marquis” Classic Film Series

It’s official, we’re going to be sponsoring this year’s “Movies at the Marquis” Classic Film Series at the historic Marquis Theater in downtown Northville.

The Marquis Theater in Downtown Northville

The Marquis Theater in Downtown Northville

Presented by the Northville Downtown Development Authority and co-sponsored by Urban Optiques Vision and Eyewear and Tom Holzer Ford, we’re thrilled to help bring eleven classic movies from four decades to Metro-Detroit film-lovers.

The series kicks off on Saturday, January 16 with the Hitchcock thriller “North By Northwest” and concludes March 27th with the film adaptation of Irving Berlin’s “Easter Parade.”

In the weeks between, you’ll be treated to performances from Audrey Hepburn, Gregory Peck, Carey Grant, Katherine Hepburn, Rex Harrison, Jimmy Stewart, Doris Day, Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway. Four of the featured films won academy awards, and the remainder probably should have.

Why We Decided to Sponsor “Movies at the Marquis”

We’re all classic film fans at Urban Optiques (“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is one of our our optician Kathy’s favorite movies) and we love the glamour and style of Hollywood’s golden age.

Many of today’s current eyewear trends are inspired by eyeglasses and sunglasses worn by luminaries like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Steve McQueen. Whenever designers need a muse — whether for fashion or eyewear — classic Hollywood delivers season-after-season.

See The Movies The Way They Were Meant to Be Seen

The Roxy Theater - NYC

The Roxy Theater (Circa 1943) - Photo Courtesy of HTSA

We also love the idea of allowing new generations of movie-goers to view these legendary films in an atmosphere that recreates the original experience of “going to the movies.”

Most of us are too young to have experienced these movies in one of the thousands of single-screen, local movie theaters that sprouted up in the 30s and 40s.  And even though you can get a satisfactory experience with a DVD and big screen TV, there is no substitute for watching them in a real, historic movie theater.

To most of us, going to the movies means giant parking lots, multiplexes, and overpriced popcorn and soda.  So it’s easy to forget that once upon a time, going to the local movie theatre to see the latest Marilyn Monroe feature was an affair that people actually got dressed up for.

The movie theatres that were built during that time were opulant and luxurious and had more in common with opera houses than the modern multiplex.  People went to the movies not just to see the film, but to be seen.

Meet Us The Night of the Show!

As the “new kid” on the block in Downtown Northville, sponsoring this series also lets us meet more of you.

Marilyn ... In Glasses!

Marilyn ... In Glasses!

Although we’ve been in business for 15 years, names and ownership have changed. So it’s important to us to be out there, talking with all of you about the cool things we’re doing around Urban Optiques.

One of the things that was most attractive about the sponsorship was that we are able to have a presence at each of the movies. That means we’ll be able to mingle with the community face-to-face, talk about the movies, and if you need glasses or sunglasses, put you in the perfect pair.  We’ll be staying open late each Saturday night just in case you want to wander down to Urban Optiques for refreshments after the movie.

We also have lots of fun events planned around the movies, including “Viewing Notes” for each movie, giveaways and themed “mixers” before and after select movies. We want to take this three-month opportunity and try to make going to the cinema an “event” again. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more details.

“Movies at the Marquis” 2010 Classic Film Series Schedule

Tickets will be available through the downtown Northville businesses sponsoring each of the individual movies.

The 2010 “Movies at the Marquis” Series schedule and ticket locations include:

January 16:  North by Northwest (1959)
Sponsored By: Longs Heating & Cooling, 190 East Main Street, Northville
On-sale: 12/28

January 23:  My Fair Lady (1964)
Sponsored by: Edwards Café & Caterer, 115 E. Main
On-sale: 1/4

January 30: The Thomas Crown Affair (1968)
Sponsored By: Starring the Gallery, 118 W. Main
On-sale: 1/11

February 6: Philadelphia Story (1940)
Sponsored by: Orin Jewelers, 101 E. Main
On-sale: 1/18

February 13: Roman Holiday (1953)
Sponsored by: Riffles Homestyle Restaurant, 160 E. Main
On-sale: 1/25

February 20: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939)
Sponsored by: Wine Sync, 122 W. Main
On-Sale: 2/1

February 27 : That Touch of Mink (1962)
Sponsored by: Alexander’s Custom Clothiers, 124 W. Main
On-sale: 2/8

March 6: Charade (1963)
Sponsored by: Solid Grounds Coffee House, 133 W. Main
On-sale: 2/15

March 13: Paris When It Sizzle (1964)
Sponsored by: Sizzling Sticks, 144 Mary Alexander Ct.
On-sale: 2/22

March 20: Vertigo (1958)
Sponsored by: Poole’s Tavern, 157 E. Main
On-sale: 3/1

March 27: Easter Parade (1948)
Sponsored by: Gardenviews, 202 W. Main
On-sale: 3/8

Tickets ($3 each) for the Movies at the Marquis are limited and may be purchased exclusively at participating Northville merchant sponsor locations. The Movies at the Marquis series is open to guests five years or older.

For more details, check out the “Movies at the Marquis” section on the Urban Optiques website.

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